a blessing for mum and baby in preparation for birth

Celebrating the coming arrival of your baby is a special experience that's usually marked with a Baby Shower which is traditionally a chance for friends and family to shower the Mum-To-Be with gifts for her and bub.

Lately there's been a new tradition that's gaining popularity.

A Blessingway is based on the Navajo tradition which celebrates a woman's rite of passage into motherhood and is more focused on nurturing the Mum as a way of preparing her emotionally, spiritually and mentally for birth.

The Blessingway is usually attended by the generations of women in the Mum's life as well her close friends and supporters and includes a range of down-to-earth, holistic practices carried out by the women attending.

The Birthing Partner can be included after the Blessingway ceremony for a special Couple Ceremony and prior to a celebratory lunch or dinner.

celebrate the journey into motherhood
with a spiritual ceremony

what to expect

We need some information here about exactly what will happen - what they need to prepare - who to invite etc.

who hosts a blessingway?

A Blessingway can be organised and hosted by the Mum-To-Be, a close friend or a family member - it really doesn't matter who organises or hosts it, the important part is that the Mum leaves the celebration feeling empowered, prepared, deeply loved and well focused
on the upcoming arrival of her baby.