Looking for whales, looking for proof of a world beyond the confines of school, the shop, the bedtime routine.

This one has travelling in her blood and I can’t help but wonder how the life she is experiencing now will impact her later as a grown woman. Maybe she will want to stay put and build a family around her she might crave routine and familiar sights and sounds and smells. We are going to doubt anyway. My girls give me a hard time sometimes for not having a choice in where we live and travel to and I try to remember feeling like that as putting myself in their shoes. And yes I do remember going to a new school a thousand kilometres from ‘home’ and being heartbroken and devestated that I was leaving behind the only life I knew.

So that look of contemplation on her face is familiar. It hopefully will change to a smile one day when she is sharing memories with her new friends in her new life, thousands of kilometres from here.

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