Talk to your baby

From the very beginning. Positive lines on the pregnancy test? Talk to your baby.

For the purpose of this writing I’m going to call your baby a she. I have daughters so this is just easier for me.


Lets flash forward.

Your daughter is sitting across the dining room table from you with headphones on, pen in her hand, doing her homework.

What does she look like? Isn’t she amazing. Can you hardly believe you’ve watched her grow all these years, and there she is, sitting just across the table. She is the product of your love. She is exactly as you imagined but so much more. So smart and so beautiful. She is the one who is going to change the world and make it a better place for future generations.

She is sitting just across the table with headphones on.

Your daughter. What would you say to her?


Back to positive lines on the pregnancy test. Her heartbeat heard, amplified by the Midwife’s doppler. Can she hear it too?

Back at home life continues, you turn the radio up and shush the dog from barking as you race for the doorbell. The delivery man brings gifts from faraway friends. They can’t make it to the babyshower. You set up the mobile above her cot and it plays sweet music as it moves around. You shush the dog from barking.

Six months pass and they’re no longer playing that movie at the cinema and you watch it in HD at home, volume high. Can she hear it to? She kicks your hand three times and you’re sure she heard you wondering.

“Hi baby”. It feels akward. “I love you”.

Tell her it’s raining but the sun will come out tomorrow. Tell her you’re tired but a sleep will do you both good. Tell her you’re scared but excited. Pick up that book and read to your baby, she can hear you. She loves the sound of you speaking, of you singing, of you telling her there’s hope for a brighter day.

Then she’s born and in your arms and she stretches knowing she won’t fall. In the safety of your arms she opens and closes her eyes a you tell her you love her. Baby, you are the sunshine, the good vibes, the one I’ve been waiitng for. You were once stardust and now in my arms you fill the space that was once empty. Your heartbeat, your breathing, your crys are the music and the soundtrack to our beginning.

The music plays on with lyrics changing over time. You influence her entirely from the lines on the pregnancy test and beyond. You bop together to the wiggles when she’s little, then grin through the Top 40 when she’s bigger. You play The Smiths to begin with. Then Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Sabbath on long drives and check in the review mirror hoping she’ll be rocking out. And sometimes she will. ‘Hi baby’ you’ll grin. And she’ll tell you to stop being weird and she’ll look out the window and ask if were there yet. You keep grinning.

There she is, sitting opposite you, headphones on, pen in her hand, doing her homework. Listening to something. And you’ll tap her on the hand and say ‘I love you’. She looks up, hangs her headphones around her neck, squishes her nose up and says ‘huh’?

‘I love you’.

‘Love you too’.

The effort is most certainly worth it, she hears you.

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