Your birthday always make me feel like I can instantly go back in time. I can cradle my arms and feel the weight of you in those early days, in those early nights, just the two of us together.  You were a baby like no other. You would look up at me with big bright blue eyes when you were feeding and lock gaze and stare intensely, deeply into my soul. If I knew that would end, I would never have stopped.

It was years before we could connect like that again my darling and I’m not sad or regretful, I just wish I could have helped navigate the world more for you sooner. Instincts are a powerful thing and you taught me to trust mine, an invaluable gift my love. I want you to know that in your toddler years your Dad and I were were just blown away on the daily by everything you did, always with determination and drive… sometimes hilarious to watch. I remember you being three and you just had to nail hula hooping. Tiny little, dark wavy haired doll, on the back patio for way longer than any other three year old would commit, wiggling over and over trying to keep this giant pink hoop up. Bless.

For every challenge you’ve created or we’ve given you, I’m still amazed everyday at how you approach it.

Happy 11th Birthday Sunny. Again, a blink of an eye and I look down to see my baby has gone, she’s grown into a strong, brave girl who’s big blue eyes tell me all the stories of her eleven years and sparkle with excitement for whatever the future holds. I’m so proud of you Bunny you are such a caring human, always looking out for your sisters and wanting to take all the street puppies home. Today my wish for you is to enjoy the moment; each one and I’ll be right beside you, enjoying it too.


I’m starting to realise how quickly time really passes. The years are moving forward way too fast. Baby soft skin, dimpled toddler hands reaching up for a cuddle, timid, big blue eyes looking back on the first day of school and now?

How have ten years raced by me? I wish I could remember it all but my memories are of moments. Of you being new and tiny and needing me all the time. Now I see you, those big blue eyes are excited and hungry for adventure. I secretly adore that you still check in with me before you take big leaps. Still in the nest but teetering on the edge and you don’t hesitate to fly when your sisters do.

Recently I’ve watched you in situations where I’ve been unsure of how you will handle yourself and I sit ready to help but you don’t falter, you absolutely shine.

Your humour and boundless energy, kindness and capacity to see the bright side of life will help you soar my brave Sunny Bunny. Happy Birthday baby Pudding. Adventures always xoxo


So you may cringe whenever I play this for you and I know you prefer the Marvin Gaye original but today kiddo is your time to shine and groove. There will come a day I will see you dance to this as a beautiful adult woman and i’ll be reminded of my eight year old Sunshine x

You are a contradiction my darling Bunny, wild, loud, acting it up with uncensored hilarity when in the safety of your tribe but then gentle, reserved, inward and tender when the world is looking at you. You have the most brilliant mind and an insatiable hunger for knowledge, a weak stomach but a varied colourful palate, a sensitive soul and a well trained emotional response that is guided by a heart full of love for those dear to you.

Watching you grow makes me proud. I’m proud of where we have come from and I know we can achieve anything together. You push me to be a better mother and in your eyes there is a kaleidoscope of experiences you brought here with you and you are sharing with us all.


Happy Birthday Sunny x My life was torn like a wind-blown sand, And the rock was formed when you held my hand. Sunny one so true, I love you.https://youtu.be/yD8DcgpLp_w


In a few hours, seven years ago today you were born at sunrise. I had no idea who you were and even after you arrived you were such a sweet mystery to me. Seven years of sharing secrets with each other and I am so happy knowing that you can stand confidently in front of me now instead of hiding behind my skirt terrified and teary. Your eyes still grow wide when talking to new people but now its curiosity that drives you and a lust for answers.

It is so exciting to see you blossom our little Sunny Bunny, listening to you read and sing and orchestrate your sisters is captivating, your mind runs at a million miles an hour, much like mine, so I know you are capable of anything, just take your time small incredible creature.

I’ll meet you at the ashram in 20 years for some yoga and ‘om’. Loving you, Happy Birthday Sunshine x


To the deepest thinking, most honest, loyal person I know…. I love you.

It has been a rewarding 6 years and you have single handedly changed me as a person so much, I am so proud to be your best friend for ever.

I want for you a life of love, adventure and wishes coming true and I promise to move mountains to relieve you of stress.

You make me a better human.

Daddy, your sisters and I adore you. Happy Birthday Sunny Bunny x


Five years and an hour ago today your Daddy pulled back the curtains to the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen and you little miss sunshine, were named. Happy 5th Birthday. May the weight of the world be lifted from your shoulders, we love you more than you’ll ever know. Five years from now who knows where we will be but I promise you i’ll move mountains to open up the world for you. Stay brave Bun Bun x

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