Thankyou for that big hug Ol! I felt your heart beating against me and it was so nice. Your head rests against my belly now when you hug me and I still can’t believe you’ve turned 8 today.

How was the best day of my life 8 years ago?

I’ve never been so flawed by someone’s wisdom as I am with yours. You ask questions well beyond your years and you’re so interested in how this world works and what you can do to help it be more harmonious. Just know you don’t need to do anything different than what you’re already doing.

Listen closely to all the interesting Aunties and Uncles you have in you life, as they are doing what you wonder and will be there like stars always to guide and encourage you. Keep hugging. Share your gift with everyone, especially your Grandparents when you return to Australia. Just hug them. They are a part of you and forever will be. Ask them about their childhoods. Your own children will ask you about their lives and they’ll want details so try to remember as much as you can. Turn to your friends Olive and tell them how much you love them, that you’ll have their back and promise to be a good friend.

Spent your life loving Ol. People, animals and your environment. And fight for what you believe in, I’ve seen your fire, it’s so strong and your tears that follow are just like mine.

Remember where you came from and that your Dad and I are here always, with puppies and doughnuts and hugs.


Dear Olive,

Happy Birthday to our youngling, snuggle buddy, babydoll, defender of the Universe.

To your Dad and I, you are perfect. Know that forever in our eyes you are the icing on the cake and it’s our mission in life to ensure your happiness.

Your kindness, wit and resilience is like no others. You make adapting to new things look easy and we learn from you every day. Whether you get the last and broken cookie, have to wear the ‘boys’ clothes in a game, get knocked sideways when our little home in motion or you’re getting teased for whatever…you grin. You bare it.

You were born comfortable in your own skin, into arms of love and under the watchful eyes of your three big sisters, your guardians. Know that long after your Daddy and I are no longer here, they will be there for you, always.

It’s been a gentle, cruisy ride with you here darling and I know you’re curious about your next adventure.Enjoy being 7 Olive Luella- the world will wait for you X Love always X


Happy Birthday Olive! You were born knowing exactly who you are and although we are still working you out, the pieces you share are bright and glowing, loving and insightful snippets of a soul who we are so very lucky to have. Everyday is better because you are near me and when you’re not I feel lost. Your sisters are your guardians, shepparding you in the right direction and you lean into them and pull them and everyone you meet in closer to you. You have the it factor, whatever it is, it’s something I can’t describe but you make us feel good, feel driven and sometimes dramatic.

I want to encourage you to always look for happiness, adventure and honesty because you deserve all that’s on offer in this beautiful world. I love you. Thank you for arriving when I needed you most and loving me and Daddy. Six years around the sun? You’re a star kid x


If love was a sound, what would it be?

The sound of your breath lying next to me.

If excitement was colour, how would I know?

A sparkle, a glimmer -your blue eyes, they glow.

If love could be captured and shared amongst friends, today I would certainly, never want to end. For this day my darling, my dear precious doll, Happy Birthday we’ll cheer, the best day of your year!

Olive Luella, at times I see all of your sisters, your daddy and I shining through you and I try to work out where you’re at and understand the parts of you that I am so unfamiliar with, but then you crinkle your nose and grab me around the neck and I know its ok not to understand all of you. You like keeping a little mystery and you deserve it my little fourth one, keep it just for you, always.

I enjoyed your baby years, toddler times and now at 5, I’m content that I won’t hold another baby of my own in my arms again, feeling so incredibly blessed that I grew you and your sisters. I hope being 5 is full of adventure and as amazing as you’ve wished my little Cookie x Let the Birthfest begin!


Dear Olive,

Because you have to hold my hand to fall asleep I keep you beside me, we snuggle close and whisper stories to each other. After a while, when you are sleeping, I take my hand from your grip and pull the blankets up to under your little chin. I know I am so lucky to have you~ 12 hours after your birth, your Daddy asked me if we could have another~ he was that smitten, and still is. I love seeing him crouch down to talk to you eye to eye.

I love seeing your sisters dote on you and the way you lap it up and play ‘the baby’ for them.

I dream of the adults you will become and have visions of you all coming home for family dinners, with babies on your laps and lovers by your side.

Dad and I have had so much joy the past 4 years, you are the most delightful, curious, genuinely honest person I know. Instead of feeling sadness that my baby is growing up, I am feeling honoured that I am experiencing guiding you on your path….I love you Olive Luella. Happy Birthday my girl.

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