This is a time i’ll remember as ‘life on pause’. You know those images of a New York streetscape with illuminated skyscrapers, yellow cabs seemingly at standstill and lights racing past on both sides… classic NY scene. Well? I have felt like those cabs.

After a few intense years of travelling Australia, then SE Asia with my family, I’m at a standstill. And it’s calm and quiet here on my couch, out in the countryside of Queensland.

I sat down to summerise living in Bali, travelling frequently (I averaged that I was on a plane every 5 weeks over 13 months) and with a day-to-day life that was noisy and full of people, both known and strangers – social interactions a plently. To now. The quiet is almost deafening…

My family is setling nicely, thriving even and that makes me happy and content – for them.

Two days from now I fly to Melbourne for ‘Re-Entry’ training with the organisation I worked with in Bali. The idea is to learn how to adjust to life back in Australia and I’m so glad it’s not happening later because I have felt a gammut of emotions the past 5 months and processing them has been difficult.

So i’ll leave this photo from 5 months ago here – mostly to remind me that I’ve moved on, said goodbyes and that its time to dust myself off and start aiming for beyond the stars again. And five months from now i’ll revisit this post, hopefully from a joyfull place.

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