My best friend when I was very little was called ‘Mary’.

Her Mum and mine were old friends. We used to chase a boy called Gaven around the church grounds where our preschool was. She was one of four girls and I would go to her house and watch Astro Boy. I thought her house was loud and chaotic but there was something incredibly beautiful about the madness. There was a quirky dog in the yard who carried a handbag in its mouth (from the girls dress up box) and Mary’s sisters were noisy and all were either cute or beautiful. Her Dad was calm (asleep on the couch) and her Mum always had a cake baked and looked me in the eyes when she spoke to me. This family made me feel special.

Mary and I have stayed great friends and even though it’s usually a year between drinks, we always pick up where we left of and celebrate a lifetime of friendship.

Mary has a tribe of three boys and a husband with a similar sense of humour to mine. Her Mum, I’ve always looked up to as a mentor and still do. She has been part of my families celebrations and is a beautiful Grandmother. I’m inspired that her friendship with my own Mum has stood the test of time.

I look at my four daughters and see a handful of friends who may remain through the years and wonder about what they will see each other through. I can see how my Mum encouraged Mary and I to write letters to each other when I moved away…long before we had mobile phones, email addresses and Instagram and I see that as such a special gift.

So, mothers of daughters…. there’s always that one kid you adore. It’s actually part of our job (I know you have a lot on your plate) to do a little mothering to someone elses…consider it a side hustle…you never know they might grow up loving you too xxx

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