When I was little, I imagined when I had my first baby my hair would be long.  Past the shoulders and glossy… think naturally sunkissed Earth Mother hair (that’s a thing). I guess it was from looking at pictures of my own Mum around the same age, her hair was a magnificent chestnut 70’s mane. Goddess hair.

When Poppy was born my hair was back to my natural dark blonde albiet very temporarily until a combo of hormones and a desire for a postpartum makeover sent me back to the bottle (of dye) and soon I was a very dark brown. The colour I loved, until I noticed the havoc it wreaked on my strands and although the colour remained, the damage was done.

Shortly after Lucy was born I lopped it off to just below my ears and deeply regretted it, but since both babes were under the age of two the carefactor was less than zero.

Surprisingly eighteen months later baby Sunny arrived and I was less consumed with my hair than before and not so keen on being in photos anyway. I was satisfied with the length and left hospital with a pony tail – because really what other style can you wrangle with three tiny ones?  But then a few weeks and a hideous nit (lice) infestation (i know disgusting) I made a decision that if I hadn’t ridded my scalp of the vile creatures soon my hair was NO MORE! I just did NOT have the time or patience or the remedy to deal with it. So, I had my cousin shave it all off (she held her breath the whole time) and I walked away with a scarf around my head. Looking back it was out of necessity, I had to eliminate the stressor in my life and *boom* – did it.

My poor Husband Jy was less than impressed but understanding of the constant washing, cleaning, buying of more products and tears that flowed daily from both the girls and me during epic combing sessions. That was the great nit (lice) epidemic of 2006.

Never forget.

Three years later when Olive was born, I’m proud to say I had my locks back and all was well in hair land. I’ve continued to grow and I look after it since. I’m back to dark blonde with light ends purely from swimming in the ocean and the Bali sunshine. Acceptance was a big deal. Everyone has a hair journey and losing mine in one way or another (the story about getting dengue fever is here) has taught me the value of looking after what you’ve been blessed with.

I’m currently loving Feed Your Sunshine hair serum which is perfect  for after a day at the beach.  You only need the smallest amount in the ends and then comb through. And it’s safe for your little ones hair too. Yay for that!

Photo  of Jane Birkin via Pinterest

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