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Nearly five months

Beyond Maternal Nearly five months

This is a time i’ll remember as ‘life on pause’. You know those images of a New York streetscape with illuminated skyscrapers, yellow cabs seemingly at standstill and lights racing past on both sides… classic NY scene. Well? I have felt like those cabs. After a few intense years of travelling Australia, then SE Asia […]


Beyond Maternal Mary

My best friend when I was very little was called ‘Mary’. Her Mum and mine were old friends. We used to chase a boy called Gaven around the church grounds where our preschool was. She was one of four girls and I would go to her house and watch Astro Boy. I thought her house […]

Wet Patches

Beyond Maternal Wet Patches

It’s World Breastfeeding Week. I’m thankful for being able to feed my girls. Everyone’s breastfeeding journey looks different. I have friends who have fed their twins, donated milk to other babies, been more comfortable with expressing than breastfeeding and other Mums who chose not to breastfeed or couldn’t. Support plays a big part of it, […]