Living in Bali has been brilliant for my skin. I’ve noticed a huge difference in tone and colour and I think its the humidity. When we arrived in December I had crazy irregular pigment and huge pores, redness and sensitivity from three months spent in the snowfield and a fair amount of windburn after getting caught out in a few blizzards…yes total contrast to tropical island life!

So the skincare products I brought with me were pretty useless and I found my eyes were stinging when the cleanser and moisturiser I used dripped down my face along with the sweat after being outside a few minutes and especially riding a motorbike with a mask and helmet on. Id get to work and be wiping my eyes (and tears) from the painful reaction I’d have.

So when Jy went back to Australia I did my research and found a list of products I wanted to try. The criteria was natural and affordable (a volunteers slary doesnt stretch very far). I ordered online from Bali and had them sent to his Mum and Dads place.

These are a few of my favourite things~

I’ve been using this James St cleanser for full week now. So here’s my review:
The James Street cleanser is a strange consistency… it’s gel like and a change from the cream based products I’m used to. At first it seems a little sticky but I’ve realised that’s a good thing since in this warm weather creams just slide right off my face!
It smells like a delicious ginger based cocktail and being non toxic I wasn’t trying hard not to breathe and clenching my mouth shut… it rinsed of easily and afterward my skin felt velvety. I didn’t race for moisturiser like I usually do. This cleanser is good for me and I’ve passed it on to the older girls to try (harsher critics).

Same deal with the Sukin toner I’ve been using for a year now. It’s been critical in helping repair the damage done to my skin by wind and ice burn. I found myself stuck in a few blizzards during the ski season  last year (often saving my littlest Olive) and as a result my skin became red, super sensitive and my pores ridiculously huge. It feels strange reading that since I’m now living in Bali but the Sukin toner has helped in the same way – by reducing my ginormous pores after a day spent in the sun.
I’m committed.
Why am I even writing reviews you ask? All will be revealed in time, but trust me… this ticks the boxes.
Natural ✔️Long Lasting ✔️ Affordable

I’d recommend these three products for anyone wanting products that can be shared between family members. That’s something I do with my girls as I want them to experience alternatives to off the shelf products that are not healthy for them and they love trying items out if I tell them I’m interested in their feedback… I don’t think they realise they are my human guinea pigs. Another thing is they can be used when trying to conceive, while pregnant and while breastfeeding.

I’ve swapped out my moisturiser for a pure Jojoba oil and its extremely soothing, hydrating and calming.  It’s a locally made Bali brand so I wont give away the details until I can find a link to it….but it’s amazing. Finally, why product reviews? Well, from experience I was nervous about putting chemicals on my face and body whenI was pregnant, always asking the Midwife and I found they couldn’t really tell me conclusively whether or not it was harmful to my babies. I’ve done my research (and a Masters degree in public health) and would NOT be recommending products to women that contain numbers in the ingredients list. My training is leading me in an interesting direction but I know it will help me to help more families in the future. Natural products for the win!

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