Happy Birthday Poppy.

I wish your 15th year to be a time that you’ll look back on and remember the warm ocean breeze, colourful street life, culture and fun times that you spent with your sisters.

I want for you so much. But most of all, I want you to be happy, wherever you are in the world. You shine so incredibly bright and Dad and I are never surprised when we see you amongst our friends holding court, relaying an anecdote of your travels or stating an interesting but usually totally random fact. Not surprised, just beaming with pride.

We still can’t believe we made you.

Make the most of this time Princess Popaweena ~ continue to cultivate your person, take in the gift that living in Bali for a year is and know that the world is there waiting for you darlingheart.


My heart carries your heart. Always and forever. No matter what is happening in the world or wherever we may be, know that love, laughs and a safe place is here with me.

I’m so proud of you Poppy and Dad is too. This has been the best thirteen years of our lives and we knew the second you arrived that we had just won in life the incredible gift that is you.

Happy Birthday my love X


My baby turned 12 yesterday. I loved celebrating in the morning with your two beautiful friends. I was so flawed by watching you and them interact with ease. So glad you have a sisterhood of trust and these girls who know you so well just fit in with our family and showed genuine kindness  and affection for you and your sisters.

Last night with our extended tribe we sang you happy birthday and I watched you be given wishes and sweet farewells. People want to be around you, to listen to what you have to say because you are way beyond your time my darling. Poppy, you are so loved by so many and I feel incredibly lucky to have combined powers with you Dad to create such a soulful and intelligent young woman x


Dear Poppy,

Now that we have known each other for eleven years I want you to know with utmost certainty that from your Dad to me stretches an invisible safety net. Its here that you are welcome to dive when you need to hide, lay when need time out, bounce when you are excited and wrap around you anytime….

We are watching you grow up seemingly slowly, then we blink and another year has passed. Dad and I are enjoying listening to your mind adventures and seeing your passion for animals and humans translate into something tangible. You give them love.

We see you reaching out, shaking hands of strangers and sitting in the presence of people and animals that request your attention. I noticed yesterday in Ubud that you struggled to walk past beggars~ you felt deeply that something was wrong, you are eleven and this is just such a huge and heart bashing concept.

I love you Pop- we live in a ridiculous world where there are many out stretched hands, give when you can and stand up for those that can’t.

I know you’ll find a way to direct your compassion as you get older and you have us and a beautiful big rainbow web of family and friends around you for support. Dad and I beam everyday knowing we co created a spectacular human. Happy Birthday Princess Cheesecake Popaweena xP.s I had no where to add the word Unicorn< so there it is.


Who’ll change the world? Girls!

That difference in the world you want to make? Its already happening – something shifted when you were born Poppy, even before you could talk, so many people told me how you spoke with your eyes…you connect to others in a very unique way and Daddy and I have always been in awe of you.

Happy 9th Birthday Cheesecake Princess Popaweena x

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